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Gaze the Future from the Skies!

As an information technology company, targeting the problems experienced in the construction industry in matters such as time, cost, resource, coordination, progress payment, measurement, distance, danger and data analysis and the technology market open to development, we manufacture the latest technology VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicles designed and developed by us. In addition, we develop a photogrammetry data processing and reporting platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning support by extracting meaningful data from the image data we obtain from drones. Arventek digitally transforms the civil engineering processes used in the construction, survey and infrastructure audit markets through fully automatic, high-precision and cost-effective solutions keeping field teams safe.  It uses state-of-the-art drone and camera technologies, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining-powered big data analysis platform, significantly reducing the amount of time, measurement teams spend in the field, accelerates construction progress and reduces infrastructure inspection time.


BIMMade - BIMMade is a digital library for the construction industry

We provide design alternative and digital product information to the AEC industry's professionals to make them productive and also giving an opportunity to product manufacturers to reach, influence, and analyze the AEC industry's needs.


FUNSEF DESIGN & TECH - Imagine. Discover reality in VIRTUAL world.

Funsef Design & Tech Architecture and Interior Architecture projects, allow you to experience them in 3d virtual reality before they are implemented. This experience, which is a presentation innovation, is provided with 3d model content and offers the user the opportunity to instantly view and compare alternatives for process-prolonging changes such as products, materials and applications. The architectural projects can be evaluated, prensented and experinced with tons of alternatives in every places that you can dream of, thorough easly portable vr sets. The high-quality sample spaces we have designed allow your customers to introduce and experience the product range of your company in an interactive manner in limited spaces (such as fairgrounds, sales areas, etc.). Especially with project has lots of details or have tons of logistics involved can be seen, which gives customers great convenience to look at the final product before any kind of mistakes. It gives perfect oportinitiy to minimalise costs of whole projects.


INSUPPLIERS - Professional Network of the Construction Sector

InSuppliers is a global digital platform that provides the opportunity of agile networking between sharers which will ease to directly find the most suitable business partners for both the suppliers and the contractors.Suppliers can can obtain testimonials from their clients, give testimonials for companies that have completed work for them and publish them on their profile page. Rich filter options of inSuppliers’ smart search engine provides users easy search for expertise, competitors and to monitor the market while enlarging business network by creating opportunities for collaboration. 



Everyone wants to live in a better home (environment). But what does it mean ‘better home’? Big? New? An Apartment? In the city center? White or Green? Our taste of design is unique. It changes with the trends, living style and engaging with others. Woow!App is a new way to improve and beautify the living environment. Inspire from design enthusiasts all around the world, keep in touch with favorite architects, designers and brands, make it real with tools we develop.